• Roles: concept development, motion graphics, sound dev, logistics, processing, carpentry

Open/Close was shown at VCU's Anderson Gallery, as a part of the School of the Arts Graduate MFA exhibition.

A strict set of rules were followed to create visual and audio content which aimed to communicate an abstract idea—in this case, the concepts "open" and "close."

The videos illustrated the concept over several phases, and the audio was key in helping deliver this communication to a viewer.

The videos were created in After Effects and then loaded onto 2 Mac Minis which were hung from the ceiling with projectors and an audio system. The computers ran identical Processing 2 apps which played the videos in succession, projecting "open" videos and "close" videos on opposite sides of the room. Corresponding audio played with each video (audio created in Ableton Live), and the gallery room was filled with light and sound.