Candidacy Document

  • Roles: graphic design, concept development, design research, book design

This book was used to present excerpts from the initial year of graduate research projects to faculty and peers at VCU.

Out of the projects completed throughout the year, five were selected. These five examples helped illustrate the type of design projects that were explored in the final year of the MFA program.

The book was hand-assembled with die-cut holes on the front cover. Each spread consisted of a French fold with rich black floods concealed on the reverse, and Japanese-style binding with black thread.

One project included was a concept for a body suit which captured biometric data from the wearer and sent this data to a dating site. This was meant to increase the accuracy of matching potential couples. Other projects included were Letter Head and Feedback.

The book also discussed other artists and designers as precedent for my MFA work.

To download a PDF of the document, click here.